Introverted? Rock your interview!

Even the best of us can find job interviews to be rather unsettling. After all, you wouldn’t go through the entire process with the purpose of failing. Introverted people might find such a situation to be more daunting regardless of how smart or how skilled they are.

They may have tons of bright ideas running through their heads but just like most introverted individuals, they may end up sharing very minimal information during the interview session. This might hinder the Hiring Manager to fully assess their capabilities.

Well fret not, introverts of the world! Just because you’re not very good at putting a spotlight on your awesome self, it doesn’t mean you should stand aside and let someone more outspoken take your dream job away.
Check out some tips below that can help you wow your interviewer and land that dream job!

1. Prep and Practice
If you’re like most introverted people, then the idea of attending an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience. How will you present yourself? How will you best highlight your qualifications? It’s best to prepare ahead of time. Build that energy reservoir so you can put your best foot forward. Write down your ideas on how you can best tackle interview questions or how you can share your knowledge without confusing your interviewer. If it’s a personal interview, think about what you can appropriately wear that will make you feel comfortable while also highlighting your best physical features. Don’t get caught up thinking about everything at the last minute.

2. Anticipate the Small Talk
Most introverts are not a huge fan of engaging in small talk. Interviews will usually start with mundane topics, so you and your interviewer can build rapport. If you hate “pointless chit-chat”, then find a way to steer the conversation to a more meaningful one. If your interviewer asks you what’s the weather like in your side of the globe, you can ask what’s her favorite activity on a specific season. If the job you’re interviewing for, will require you to relocate, you can ask your interviewer for recommendations for a good place to dine, for instance. Remember, the purpose of the small talk is to build rapport and it doesn’t necessarily have to become a routine conversation.

3. Smile and watch your body language
Even if you’re not an introverted person, flashing a smile during the interview can set the tone of the interview session. It can make you appear less nervous and more engaging. While you must take the interview seriously, it wouldn’t hurt to show your more relaxed side. Leaning a bit towards your interviewer can give the impression that you’re alert and confident.

4. Own It
Notable leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi were known as quiet influencers who became successful by using their introverted qualities to their advantage. Showcase the qualities you possess that will be most useful to the job you are applying for. Tell your employer how being a good listener can help build a trusting relationship at work. Talk about the self-improvements you have embarked on, after reflecting on your past achievements and shortcomings. Instead of worrying about how you’ll perform, it’s best to own your fantastic strengths and highlight them during the interview.

5. Take A Breather
Once you’re done, take a moment to reflect on what transpired during the interview and analyze what you can do better next time. Write some notes if you must. It wouldn’t hurt as well to send a thank you note to your interviewer. If you end up not getting the job, even after exerting your best efforts, do not be disheartened. Maybe it just wasn’t a good match after all. It can always serve as a learning experience for you.