EESI Joins the Youth Employability Forum

The French Embassy has organized an NGO forum on Youth Employability and EuroAsia Executive Search Inc. was one of the companies invited to participate in this event.

The event aims to shed light on the current situation of the job market in the Philippines, providing an insightful information to participating NGO’s so they can better align their programs to the ever-evolving market. The discussion also provided an opportunity for the participants to learn about the efforts that the government is exerting to aid the marginalized communities and the underprivileged youth. Further, the event serves a platform for the beneficiaries of the different NGO’s to meet potential employers.
It had been a whole day event and the afternoon was dedicated to round table discussions. The discussions focused on the challenges that the youth encounters in finding a job which ended up with the participating NGO’s and companies pitching in ideas and recommendations that the beneficiaries can utilize to leverage their chances to land a good career.

The event concluded with companies assessing suitabilities of aspiring applicants as well as conducting mock interviews. A lot of the beneficiaries had been quite nervous about the activity. Some of them are very shy to share about their skills while a lot struggled to communicate in English. One of the beneficiaries, Sharon, an aspiring Chef shared her experience, “it was a very valuable and inspiring event. It’s very intimidating to attend interviews and I’d like to make an impression and learn how to conduct myself better. This is very helpful to me.”

Truly, the event had been an inspiring one, and the EESI team was honored to have been a part of the event and impart some insight as well as provide some employment assistant to these eager youth. EESI is definitely looking forward to being a part of this forum in the coming years.