39 Ways to Make Every Day Employee Appreciation Day

Employee appreciation day is just one day. Sure, it is a time to show gratitude for those who work with you and share the same vision and mission. But employee appreciation must become part of the DNA of a team. People thrive when they are reminded of their value, when they feel they are a force for good, when they are appreciated. Here are the ways Human Resources can show employee appreciation continuously:

  1. Provide learning opportunities that prepare employees for the future of work.
  2. Help employees find their purpose, so their work is meaningful to them.
  3. Mentor employees.
  4. Open the lines of communication and be transparent.
  5. Make the workplace a safe space for challenging the status quo and speaking your mind.
  6. Welcome questions and try to respond.
  7. Train employees, so they can be more efficient and understand processes and tech.
  8. Consider the personal and professional growth of colleagues.
  9. Applaud good work.
  10. Recognize employees in a way that suits them as individuals.
  11. Be fair in your treatment of job applicants and employees.
  12. Promote equity of pay and opportunities.
  13. Create a culture of inclusiveness and instill a sense of belonging.
  14. Have a plan for conflict resolution and mediate when absolutely necessary.
  15. Support better work-life balance.
  16. Build strong teams with a foundation of trust and respect.
  17. Ask about the needs of employees and take action in response when possible.
  18. Care about their mental health and wellness.
  19. Support their work friendships.
  20. Respect those who ask for help by trying to answer questions with sensitivity.
  21. Give them growth projects that help them move forward in their career.
  22. Help employees shift to the growth mindset.
  23. Let them explore relevant subjects that they enjoy.
  24. Spark creativity and support outside-the-box thinking.
  25. Be nice and set the tone for how people treat each other.
  26. Enable dreaming, so that people think big and gain ambition.
  27. Bring snacks when people are together in person because food unites and provides fuel.
  28. Communicate according to individual employee’s preferences.
  29. Have integrity in everything you do.
  30. Be empathetic and compassionate, so that people feel they can come to you in good and bad times.
  31. Believe in employees, so they can believe in themselves.
  32. Stretch their minds, so they feel challenged and boredom never gets in the way.
  33. Give in sometimes, which can mean compromising or taking the pressure off them to allow for a necessary pause.
  34. When possible, take away busy work or unnecessary exercises, so they can focus on work that has the most impact.
  35. Help them avoid burnout by setting the standard for a healthy lifestyle and helping employees prioritize.
  36. Provide managers with the tools they need to create a positive work culture.
  37. Never tolerate discrimination or any other toxic behavior.
  38. Engage employees in conversation, so they understand you care and their voice is being heard. Make sure leadership is doing the same.
  39. Always be kind!


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