Understanding the 5 types of People You’ll Find at Work

We are all different and you may ask a question “How many types of people are there?” You may be surprised that, according to psychologists, there are only 5 kinds of people. You should reveal which kind is related to you and how you can use your strengths to make success in your professional and personal life.


Five types of people in society determine how the society will grow and which direction it will take. Different types of people’s personalities play an important role in social gatherings, and you may notice how one type of person reacts to a certain situation. To determine which type of people you belong to, you should know more about the different types of people.

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People who have a high extroversion level in their personality are usually very comfortable in social gatherings. They feel very good when they are in the spotlight and when they present something to a larger audience. Others may see them as attention seekers and too domineering. However, these types of people are good at social activity and everything that relates to activism.


Conscientiousness is a personality trait of people who want to do things in the best possible manner. These people are very dependable, efficient, well-organized, and self-sufficient. They prefer to do things in their own manner, which is why people may see them as stubborn and obsessive. People whose trait is conscientiousness like to plan things in advance and they are highly attentive to details. These people aim for big success in everything they do.

Openness to Experience

Openness is a great trait of the people who like more diversity over rigid forms. They are open to new experiences and diverse options of expression. They have a vivid imagination and can predict things in advance. At the same time, these people are great at predicting political orientations and they tend to express their political opinion to the public. Their pursuit of self-actualization comes in the form of intense experiences or living abroad. Others may see these persons as unfocused and unpredictable.


People who are neurotic are often described as unstable and insecure. They are always seeking public approval, and that is why they often post Facebook pics or controversial comments on social media. These people have a high degree of emotional instability and they usually face problems with anxiety and other unpleasant emotions. Neurotic people are prone to irritability and they seek the approval of others in everything they do.


There are people who rank high in agreeableness, and these people are very trustworthy, kind to others, and very affectionate. In most situations, they see ways to improve social work through volunteering activities or altruistic behavior. They are very reliable in the business, and most people who are high in agreeableness are good investors and they know how to deal with money. You should hire this type of person to be your investor.


There are many combinations of different types of people in the world, and we are all unique personalities that try to do our best in all daily challenges. However, the mentioned 5 types of people are usually the types of personalities that we deal with every day.

You can find your type among these personality traits, and you can better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Only when you better understand yourself can you better comprehend others. This is a sure way to have better relationships with other people.

Now when you know how many types of people in society there are, you can recognize yourself and others in a better way.

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